Make a fairy garden

Little girls love fairies. And if you build a fairy garden… the fairies will come.  Making a fairy garden is an easy gardening activity for kids. Watch the video below to get some great ideas for your own fairy garden. 


Number of players:


What you need:


  • 1 x shallow wooden box (about 60cm x 50cm is ideal)
  • small potplants (make sure you include some flowers, fairies love flowers!)
  • 1 x small dish (for a pond)
  • shells and pebbles (from the beach)
  • soil from the garden (or potting mix)
  • 1 x small packet of decorative pebbles
  • 1 x small terracotta pot (to make a fairy grotto)
  • 1 x small decorative frog (to guard the garden while the fairies are away)


Fill the wooden box with soil.

Now collect all the bits for your fairy garden and plan out where they will go.  It helps to do a sketch so you will remember when you’re actually planting things and digging holes.

Dig a shallow hole for the pond. Put the dish in place, then border it with pebbles or shells.

Put in your plants.

Place the terracotta pot on its side to make a fairy grotto or cave. Trail the soil inside it so it looks authentic.

Cover the soil with decorative pebbles.

Use the large beach pebbles to make a stepping stone path.

Carefully fill your fairy pond with water.


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